So, what Do You Think?

hidden temp cover4


This isn’t the work of my artist friend.  This is a back up cover if he doesn’t come through.  I have a graphic program I use to make greeting cards.  I put this together.

What do you Think?


8 thoughts on “So, what Do You Think?

      1. Another of all too notorious mistakes. 😦 This one should have read “Looks good enough to me”. The truly worrying thing is that I was in no way intoxicated when I let this one get by my blunder screen.


  1. Have you thought about looking into Fiverr? They will do book covers for 5 dollars. Truthfully you end up paying a bit more but they start out at five bucks.
    Not saying this doesn’t look good, Kim…..just saying you might want to look into something else.


      1. (two r’s) I’ve used them once. Granted I ended up NOT using what they made me but only because a friend did better. Um, I’m not sure it’s a case of me not liking it. I do, actually. I just don’t think it suits your book, really. That’s all. I know it’s just a backup. Just thought you might enjoy looking around. I have another place I look too, it’s more expensive though and I haven’t bought there, I just look. ha! 🙂

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