Pitching to Random House

Random House, which was founded by Bennett Cerf and Donald Klophfer in either 1925 or 1927 it is one if the largest general interest trade book publishing houses, not only in New York but around the world. They have offices in Spain, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, and China. Random House has international companies with many partners that are just as well know. Penguin House, Ballatine Books , Crown Publishing , I even notice Double Day Books  which is under the banner of Penguin House. Please go to the links and peak at the writers and books they represent to see how huge they are.



No Random House hasn’t signed me to publish Hidden Temptation, yet. Are you curious to know why I’m sharing this trivia with your?  The NY Writing Group host says he is speaking with Random house to invite one of their editor to attend our group. Yea, how cool is that? I feel the butterflies somersaulting in my stomach just thinking about it.  Or is that gas?



Also Random House will be hosting an open house with their editors and publishers. The cost is  $99 a reasonable cost for someone still working.  For a person on Social Security it’s a matter of giving up some medication for a month.
Our host, the voice of reason suggests that we’re confident our work is completely ready. You guys know I’ve edited Hidden Temptation for over a year. I keep finding something wrong. Many of you tell me there has to come a time to just say it’s ready and release.



But this is Random House! It is a big deal to meet editors, publishers, and possible agents. I would have the opportunity to pitch Hidden Temptation. I will be so close to my dream I’ll be able to smell the ink from the printing press.



The $99 is just one hurdle the other is pitching Hidden Temptation. When I tell people what Hidden Temptation is about they get excited and say it sounds good. Will good be enough for Random House? Will I even be able to pitch Hidden Temptation without stuttering and mumbling my words? This isn’t any ordinary stranger, this is someone who has the ability to make my dreams come true, The NY Writing Club won’t be meeting for a month and when we do resume meeting, it’s possible a Random editor will be there and we’ll have an opportunity to pitch our work. Again I ask my sometime(y) self-confidence can you do it Silent Kim? Can you make yourself heard for real?



I run my mouth a lot. Can I run my mouth when it’s important, at an opportunity to woo an editor to find interest in Hidden Temptation? Hell yea! To not try is already a fail. At my age, with my health, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity for me. What the hell do I have to lose? I put so much of myself into Hidden Temptation. I am proud that it’s compete. It’s a story with many twist and turns. The genres over lap and I believe it’s full of emotions. But will an editor at Ransom House think so?



If I pitch and the editor isn’t interest it will be the closest I’ll ever get to mainstream publishing. That in itself, will give me bragging rights.


Somewhere in the future.

I’ll sit with my grandchild that has the writing bug in the near future and say to them. “You know some years back I pitched for Random House. They weren’t interested but I’m proud that a publishing House of that magnitude listened to me.”


Or the story could go this way.

“I remember when I pitched my first novel Hidden Temptation to a Random editor. Boy was I nervous.” I smile and shake my head. “I was ecstatic when they said I might have something there and offered to work with me. See my dream came true. So could yours.”


If it doesn’t work out for me at Random House I have Create Space and Amazon to publish Hidden Temptation.



No More Editing.



I went to the A writing Club Meeting that I found on Meet Up. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that there would be writers.  I took the synopsis for Hidden Temptation and the blurbs I’ve been playing with. I had the most recent poem I wrote and my tablet in case I wanted something from my blog.



When I introduced myself I mentioned that I wanted feedback on my blurb. The group suggested that I ask my beta readers to tell me what my book was about.  I thought that was a good idea. I decided to share my poem Moments Tick Away and wait until I received feedback from those who read Hidden Temptation.



I read my poem. It has been a while since I read in front of a live audience. I think I did okay considering I didn’t practice. The poem was well received and stimulated little criticism. Maybe I should have read the blurb.



To get more information about the meeting go to Silently Heard Once.



Update on Hidden Temptation I saw a typo on the first page and I considered editing once again. Just the thought of that gave me a headache.



I still haven’t written my dedication page or my acknowledgements. I still didn’t write the poem to replace the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Dwight, my artist, was recently hospitalized. So I’m still waiting on my cover. Not to mention I need a new photo to highlight my new sassy haircut.



April 15th is just five days away.  I don’t think I’ll be ready.  It looks like I’m going to have to push my release date again. I guess that’s okay it gives me more time to stimulate more of a buzz about Hidden Temptation.



If I was working with a publisher they would probably drop me for not meeting my deadline not once but twice.  Look at it this way I’m not rushing, or am I?


Now that I’m feeling better I hope to get back to blogging more consistently.



Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome.



Disclaimer:  I completed Hidden Temptation, my first completed novel, and this blog is a humble attempt to create interest in its debut. I am not a professional and this is no way an educational guide.  I am merely sharing my writing experience, what I pick up reading other novels, and what I learn in the process of completing Hidden Temptation.

Set Back, Push Back, I’m Back

Greetings friends,


I apologize for not checking in before now.  On my main blog Silently Heard Once  I shared that I was in the hospital for a few days.  I posted A Whatever   it explains it all.  I don’t want to go into it on this blog because this blog is for Hidden Temptation not my personal struggle but my struggles with writing.


I’ve been in a bit of a funk since my hospitalization.    I sent a query and five pages of Hidden Temptation to an agent I decided to read what I sent.  I should have read it before I sent it because in those five pages I screwed up the tenses, bad.  So I’m editing again.  I have less than 100 pages to go.  But this has caused me to push back my release date.  I’m targeting April 30th.  That really a go day. Sad for me because in 1993 on that date my mother left this earth and my life changed.  Maybe releasing it on that day will be another life changing experience.


Dwight my artist who promised me the cover hasn’t started.  I don’t know if he will have something ready by then but it will work out.


I started writing a short story I posted on Silently Heard Once.  Please feel free to read and I hope you enjoy.  The Curse.


One more thing.  I found this group called meetup it’s finding events in your community that feeds your interest.  I’ve found writers in my area and can’t wait to start meeting and networking.


I Don’t Want to be Influenced

When I started writing Hidden Temptation I wouldn’t read any novels. I didn’t want to be influenced or accidentally plagiarize. I was and still am an avid reader. I thought I was doing the right thing. I still watched TV and movies. I couldn’t be influenced by them right. Yea I’m sure I could have been. At the time, I didn’t think so.


I wrote the first draft of a novel titled Ruination. I wrote that while I was working a nine to five job. I would come home from work lock myself in the attic and pound on my word processor until two or three o’clock in the morning. Then I would wake up at seven, I got the kids up for school, dropped them off then went to work, where I was able to steal a few naps. Shh!! I would come home and do it all over again. I was free to work on my novel non-stop. My ex, took care of the kids and house. I wasn’t neglecting my kids, well maybe a little.


Ruination was about a Post-apocalyptic world. The earth was destroyed by world war three and people were looting, hoarding food, and trying to get everything back in order. I never went back to edit. I have a copy maybe someday. However I believed I was influenced by Stephen King’s, The Stand. At the time, the movie had just aired on TV. I read the original book when it first came out and I read the extended version when that came out. I was a fan of Stephen King and I especially liked The Stand. The story was embedded in my head. Ruination was an original story but I’m not sure. I kind of filled in the parts that King overlooked. Maybe it was nothing like The Stand but I thought it was.


That was why I wouldn’t read anything when I started writing Hidden Temptation. Later I thought since I was writing a love story I’ll just avoid reading love stories. No problem there. I’m not really a love story kind of reader anymore. So why did I write a love story?  I read enough love stories in my lifetime and experienced a few love affairs of my own over the years. Write what you know!


I realize as I edited Hidden Temptation I was wrong. Reading books while writing may have helped me with my writing skills. I say that because I took a screenwriting class some years ago. The instructor gave us a movie assignment to watch. In the following class, we would evaluate the movie. In doing so we learned what worked and what didn’t. We were learning from watching, we learned what worked and what didn’t. The only influence I had was learning to avoid the mistakes and perfecting what was ingenious about the movies we watched.



To this day, I still watch the movie critically. When I read books I evaluate what I read. I still enjoy movies and books I read I just do so with a different eye.


As a result, I wrote two screenplays. One I sent to The Library of Congress to be copyright, I don’t have a copy. The second one was good but I got frustrated and tossed it in the garbage. I did that because the movie Click came out and it was about a remote control that transported Adam Sandler in time. My screenplay was about time travel but it had a different concept. The only thing that mimicked Click was the remote control, my screenplay used a beeper.  It was the 90’s we used beepers, car phones, as they were called back then, were for the rich.  I wanted my idea to be original. It was except for the remote/ beeper thing. Young and dumb.  However, I won’t share particulars because I might write the story again. I think the idea I had would be relevant today.


Do you avoid reading when you’re working on a writing project?

Do you think reading helps you become a better writer?