Hidden Temptation Final Synopsis

I’m tired.  I have stayed focus on this conference with Penguin Books.  I’ve been tweaking, deleting, rewriting, and reading these words over and over.  I’m sharing them this last time with you. The conference is in 4 days and I can’t see anymore typos or areas that need improvement. Will you show some love and let me know if something is not right or could be improved.


After ODETTE HAWKINS, the third girl born to LYDIA and THOMAS HAWKINS there are complications that causes Lydia to have a complete hysterectomy. This ends any chance of Thomas having a legitimate son. Lydia sits in the bed nursing Odette Thomas ignores the baby and squeezes Lydia’s cheeks together and bangs her head into the headboard. This is the start of years of abuse.


Lydia is from a time when women quietly endured the black eyes, sprain wrist, broken arms, ribs, and nose. Odette’s sisters, JEANETTE HAWKINS-ROBINSON and LYNETTE HAWKINS try over and over to convince Lydia to leave Thomas to no avail. While the sisters still live at home they try to protect rescue their mother. Odette always hides when these violent tantrums and outbursts erupts.


Odette’s first and last boyfriend THURMAN is possessive, one day he chokes Odette in the school gym. Her sisters go to the high school, against her wishes. The sisters attack Thurman in front of his basketball teammates while Odette hides. This is when Odette decides to never have a serious relationship and creates her dating rule that will shield her from being mentally and physically abused by men. She has no interest in having a meaningful relationship outside of sex. Married men are already in committed relationship.



Odette is in her early thirties. She’s a beautiful woman with a Carmel completion, high cheekbones, a slender nose and thin lips. Her shoulder length hair is dark brown with blond streaks. She has champagne size breast, a small waist and wide hips. Despite being an introvert Odette will speak her mind when necessary.



Odette is not very sociable she only has one friend outside her family. Odette’s mother is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. Odette visits her faithfully and encourages her sisters, who are nine and twelve years older than her, to do the same.



Her sisters don’t approve of Odette’s life style and believe they know what’s best for her. Odette doesn’t care what her sisters think. She’s a receptionist for a lucrative advertising agency. Her income pays her rent and keeps her in designer clothing, shoes, and pocketbooks. She has excellent health coverage and a life insurance policy through her company that also matches her 401 contribution. She gets two weeks of sick time and four weeks of vacation a year. What else does she need?



At the beginning of this unseasonable warm spring, Odette meets WILHELM POLK, who is the new UPS delivery man where Odette works in. Wilhelm’s father, EDWARD POLK, is a Vietnam veteran who becomes addicted to heroin to treat his PTSD after the veteran doctors declares him well. Edward steals from his family and lies to them. Wilhelm recently divorces his wife for cheating. Wilhelm doesn’t trust anyone but his mother, ARABELL POLK a retired school teacher who has a stroke. She is a resident of the same nursing home Odette’s mother is in.



Wilhelm is on a mission to sleep with as many women as humanly possible. He’s attracted to Odette and she’s attracted to him, but he’s not married. He doesn’t care about Odette’s rule. He just wants to spend time exploring her sexually. After meeting they discover their corner of the world is small and it’s impossible to avoid each other in their daily lives. They bump into each other at work, in their neighborhood even at the diner where they have breakfast.



OSCAR PEOPLE, the current married man Odette is sleeping with invites her to a five-star hotel after work. Odette is furious; she thought they were going to spend the night together. After a quickie Oscar leaves and makes Odette feel like a prostitute. As pay back she invites her friend, HYMIE JONES to join her for the night. Together they take advantage of several hotel amenities such as ordering expensive room service, cleaning out the mini bar and helping themselves to the complimentary bathrobes when they check out. They leave an excessive bill.



Oscar’s wife, MARSHA receives a call about the outrages charges on their credit card. Oscar is enraged, this is the beginning of a dangerous game of back and forth revenge against him and Odette.



Odette is also having ongoing conflicts with the office manager at her job, TOM SNIDE. Tom is jealous of Odette’s relationship with the owners of the advertising agency. After Toms’ termination, he blames Odette and vows revenge.



KIA JEAN-LOUIS, one of the women Wilhelm is seeing, after having several nights of hot, slippery, and climatic sex game Wilhelm starts ignoring Kia’s calls and texts. She decides to follow Wilhelm. She discovers he’s spending time with another woman, her jealousy thoughts take over. Kia is looking for a husband to secure a United States resident card. Kia believes Wilhelm will be perfect and is not willing to give up.



The hostilities developing between Oscar, Tom, and Kia may prove fatal for Odette or Wilhelm or maybe both.


What makes Hidden Temptation Unique?


HIDDEN TEMPTATION is a story that involves the challenges most families face. Odette is emotionally scarred after witnessing several years of her mother’s black eyes and broken bones from her father who ignores her because she was born a girl. This makes Odette an introvert and cautious when developing friendships outside her family. She believes her rule dating only married men is a safe venue to protect her emotional well-being.



Despite Odette’s dysfunctional upbringing she has a strong bond with her mother and sisters. They don’t like her dangerous life style and wants her to find a good man, fall in love, and marry, Odette is not interest in.


If it doesn’t work out with Penguin Books here’s the blurb for when I self publish.




Odette’s life becomes a nightmare before she even learns how to dream. Ignored by her abusive father and physically hurt by her first boyfriend Odette continually adds mortar to the wall she’s building to protect herself from pain and heart ache.


Wilhelm a recent divorcee wants a taste of Odette’s tempting body. But she has a strict unmoral rule that she refuses to break. That doesn’t stop Wilhelm from pursuing her.


Odette has several conflicts with her office manager Tom. Wilhelm’s booty call becomes jealous of Odette. While Odette’s lover Oscar is plotting revenge for causing friction between him and his wife.


Will the hostilities developing prove fatal for Odette or Wilhelm or maybe both? Will Wilhelm be able to entice Odette? Purchase HIDDEN TEMPTATION and find out today.

14 thoughts on “Hidden Temptation Final Synopsis


    One terrible affliction
    Thinking gets enmeshed
    Goes blind lost in emotion
    Pure intuition cut adrift
    Time to let go


    Sit still as silence
    Thirty minutes and reboot
    Duly calm readdress the issue
    If caterwauling chitcat reinvades
    Stop – take ten deep breaths
    Ten – one after the other

    Give yourself a hug or two
    Tap your baton a time or two
    For you are conductor here
    Call the players to order
    And issue your order
    Da capo – Da capo


    And et cetera


  2. Everything sounds good, Kim, but I did find some grammar errors which have already been mentioned. So I wish you all the best on Friday! Fingers crossed and positive thoughts! xo


  3. I agree, Kim. This is a good piece of work. There are just a few more typos which Lesley will probably sort out. A good editor should deal with any she may miss. I hope your energy levels keep up to get you through the meeting and see your book to fruition

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Derrick. Yes Lesley is very helpful and she found quite a few that I missed. I will keep reading it until Friday. That’s my wish too, for my energy and pain level to cooperate with me. I have something going on with my legs and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the ER. I refuse because they might want to admit me in the hospital and I am not letting anything keep me away from this conference.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on getting the meeting. I hope it goes well. The story sounds good.
    One point – it wasn’t 100% clear to me what Odette’s rule is from the para beginning ‘Odette’s first and last boyfriend …’ It becomes clear later in the synopsis, I know, but is there a reason you don’t spell it out earlier? NB This may just be me not understanding; I sometimes mis-read things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanasty for your encouragement. I didn’t put the rule in the beginning because I didn’t want it as a spoiler. I checked what should be included in the synopsis so I added it. Thanks for pointing it out that I should add it earlier. I wasn’t personallyrics invited, it’s a conference and after they are giving attendees 15 minutes to pitch. I don’t know if everyone will have the opportunity but hopefully we’ll be allowed to leave our query. Maybe I should write one to include if I don’t get to pitch. Thank for your help.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. This is the best I’ve read, Kim, of all your attempts.
    Looks like Lesley has you covered for a few of the changes necessary to bring it up to scratch!
    All the best for Friday, Kim…. I’ll be thinking of you.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You art so loved by me Lesley. You have been encouraging and supporting me since Pages of Pain. Not to mention way before when you blogged regularly.

        I re-read, which I will be doing all week, and I found more typos. Four more days to perfection. 😊 I redid my business cards and gave them out on Saturday and was told they look great. Another guy that attends the meeting regularly is going to attend the conference. It will be great to have someone I know there also.

        Liked by 1 person

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