Is this a Dedication Page or Speech

Do I need a dedication page for hidden temptation? I was thinking something like this.


When I start writing my dedication I would first dedicate to God after all without God I wouldn’t have the talent to write. Then I guess I should also dedicate to all my teachers and writers.


I really want to dedicate Hidden Temptation to everyone, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my aunts, uncles, brothers, and my sister, my son, my daughters, and their friends who call me mom and to my beautiful grandchildren.


I want to dedicate this book to all my friends past and present. Even to the folks I don’t like and the ones that don’t like me. There weren’t many friends or people I don’t like.


I would dedicate Hidden Temptation to my doctors who diagnosed me with all these illnesses I battle and the doctors that continued to keep me alive. I’ll add the nurses, CNA’s, and medical assistance that I’ve met on the way.


I would have to give a nod to the access-a-ride bus company and their drivers. Hell may as well thank NYC Mass transit. They’re the ones made it possible for me to get around. I should add the mail man who delivered my first two books.


To all the clerks that rang up my purchases, Amazon, Finger hut, and all the other companies that extended me credit and now have the bill collectors calling me. If I sell a lot you’ll get paid.


How about my old bartenders, then I may as well thank the drug dealers that made a lot of money off my cocaine appetite. Mustn’t forget the tobacco company, without you I wouldn’t have COPD.


Did I leave anyone out? What about all my former and present lovers. There might be one current lover but making it plural sounded more interesting.


I’m also dedicating Hidden Temptation to the sun, moon and stars. I’ll give a dedication to the ocean, the mountains, the birds, bees, the monkeys, giraffes, rhinoceros and iguanas and all the animal sea, and sky.


Thanks to my muse after all if it wasn’t for my muse there wouldn’t be anything to dedicate.


I wish to dedicate Hidden Temptation to all those who inspired me one way or another. It’s through meeting and experience conversations and observing that inspired me.


I know I’ll dedicate Hidden Temptation to me. Yeah that’s who. For all my undying devotion to complete what I started. Would that be narcissistic?


When you started your writing project did you have an idea who you were going to dedicate to? Who do you think deserves the dedication?