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Synopsis for Hidden Temptation

After ODETTE HAWKINS is born her mother, LYDIA HAWKINS is forced to have a hysterectomy. This disappoints her father, THOMAS HAWKINS who desperately wants a legitimate son to carry on his name.


Thomas ignores Odette and viciously abuses Lydia. Her sisters, JEANETTE HAWKINS-ROBISON and LYNETTE HAWKINS try to protect and help Lydia while Odette hides from Thomas violent tantrums and outbursts.


Odette first and last boyfriend, THURMAN is possessive and chokes her. Her sisters go to the high school against Odette’s wishes. They attack Thurman in front of his basketball teammates while Odette hides. Odette decides never have a serious relationship and creates rules to shield her from being mentally and physically abused by men. She has no interest in having a meaningful relationship outside of sex.


Odette is in her early thirties. She’s a beautiful woman who speaks her mind. She has one friend outside her family. Odette’s mother is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. Odette visits her faithfully and encourages her sisters who are nine and twelve years older than her visit their mother also. Her sisters don’t approve of Odette’s life style and believe they know what’s best for her.


Odette doesn’t care what her sisters think. She’s a receptionist for a lucrative advertising agency. Her income pays her rent and keeps her in designer clothes, shoes, and pocketbooks. She has an excellent health and life insurance policies, and the company matches her 401 contribution. She gets two weeks of sick time and four weeks of vacation time a year.


During the beginning of this unseasonable warm spring, Odette meets WILHELM POLK. His father, EDWARD POLK, is a Vietnam veteran whose becomes a heroin addict to treat his PTS. Edward steals from his family and lies about it. Wilhelm recently divorces his wife for cheating. Because of his past relationships with his father and ex-wife Wilhelm doesn’t trust anyone except his mother, ARABELL POLK.


Wilhelm is the new UPS man delivering to Odette’s office. Wilhelm’s on a mission to sleep with as many women as humanly possible. He’s attracted to Odette and she’s attracted to him, but he lacks the one thing that will convince her to date him. He doesn’t care he just wants to spend some time screwing her. After they meet they discover their corner of the world is small and it’s impossible to avoid each other in their daily lives.


OSCAR PEOPLE, the man Odette is sleeping with invites her to a five-star hotel after work. Thinking they were going to spend the night together Odette becomes furious after they have a quickie and he leaves. He makes Odette feel like a prostitute. As pay back she invites her friend, HYMIE JONES to join her for the night. Together they take advantage of all the hotel amenities and accrue an expensive bill.


Oscar’s wife, MARSHA receives a call about the excessive charges to their credit card. Oscar is enraged that his wife learns about the hotel charges. Odette and Oscar engage in a dangerous game of revenge against each other.


Odette is also having ongoing conflicts with the office manager at her job, TOM SNIDE and KIA JEAN-LOUIS, one of the women Wilhelm is seeing. Both are jealous of Odette. These hostilities may prove fatal.


What makes Hidden Temptation Unique?


Hidden Temptation is a story that involves the challenges most family face. Odette is emotionally scarred from witnessing her mother’s vicious abuse and being ignored by her father. This makes her an introvert and cautious about developing friendships outside her family. She believes her dating rule is a safe venue to protect her emotional well-being.
Despite Odette’s dysfunctional upbringing she has a strong bond with her mother and sisters. They don’t like her dangerous life style and wants her to find a good man, fall in love, and marry a concept Odette has no interest in.




Odette’s life becomes a nightmare before she learns how to dream. Ignored by her abusive father and physically hurt by her first boyfriend Odette continually adds mortar to the wall she starts building to protect herself from pain and heart ache.
Wilhelm a recent divorcee wants a taste of Odette’s tempting body. But she has a strict unmoral rule she refuses to break.
Will Wilhelm be able to entice Odette? Purchase Hidden Temptation and find out today.



Be honest do you see any typos? Are you curious? Do you want to read Hidden Temptation based on what I described here? Please help I have until Friday June 3rd to come up with the words to impress US editors at Penguin Books a subsidiary of Random House.


11 thoughts on “Your Voice Helps

  1. So this whole thing is what you are sending them? If so, then first thing is the upper case for everyone’s name has to go. It’s very…..disruptive to the general outline.

    Other than that, looks ok. I haven’t done a synopsis yet, so not sure what they want in one. You seem to have covered it all pretty good. Good luck!


    1. Thanks Jackie they want in a synopsis they want the first time a character is mention for the name to be capitalized so if they are mentioned again they can find them easier. I forgot that tip and had to go back an add the capitalization.


      1. Well, I did know there was a lot more to it than just writing. It is a lot of hard work that is for sure! I just didn’t realize how much time and effort it took AFTER the writing part. Silly me is right. ha! :/

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