Re-write! Re-Write!

Don’t read one of your grandmother’s old, boring love stories read this hot, daring, and juicy new book. About Odette’s struggles and disappointments that influences her to date only happily married men. Those who plan to stay that way. Men who only want discreet lust with no strings attach. At the same time Odette protects her heart .

When Wilhelm, the new UPS guy delivers to Odette’s office immediately the attraction between them creates fireworks.

Wilhelm is recently divorce and vows to sleep with as many women as possible to make up for lost time. He becomes obsess with making Odette one of his conquests but she continually rejects his flirting and continues her affairs with married men.

Can they overcome their walls of protection? Or will they fail to let their hearts submit to love?

I guess you guys are getting tired of my re-writes. I am too. What do you say about this one?

One thought on “Re-write! Re-Write!

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