No More Editing.



I went to the A writing Club Meeting that I found on Meet Up. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that there would be writers.  I took the synopsis for Hidden Temptation and the blurbs I’ve been playing with. I had the most recent poem I wrote and my tablet in case I wanted something from my blog.



When I introduced myself I mentioned that I wanted feedback on my blurb. The group suggested that I ask my beta readers to tell me what my book was about.  I thought that was a good idea. I decided to share my poem Moments Tick Away and wait until I received feedback from those who read Hidden Temptation.



I read my poem. It has been a while since I read in front of a live audience. I think I did okay considering I didn’t practice. The poem was well received and stimulated little criticism. Maybe I should have read the blurb.



To get more information about the meeting go to Silently Heard Once.



Update on Hidden Temptation I saw a typo on the first page and I considered editing once again. Just the thought of that gave me a headache.



I still haven’t written my dedication page or my acknowledgements. I still didn’t write the poem to replace the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Dwight, my artist, was recently hospitalized. So I’m still waiting on my cover. Not to mention I need a new photo to highlight my new sassy haircut.



April 15th is just five days away.  I don’t think I’ll be ready.  It looks like I’m going to have to push my release date again. I guess that’s okay it gives me more time to stimulate more of a buzz about Hidden Temptation.



If I was working with a publisher they would probably drop me for not meeting my deadline not once but twice.  Look at it this way I’m not rushing, or am I?


Now that I’m feeling better I hope to get back to blogging more consistently.



Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome.



Disclaimer:  I completed Hidden Temptation, my first completed novel, and this blog is a humble attempt to create interest in its debut. I am not a professional and this is no way an educational guide.  I am merely sharing my writing experience, what I pick up reading other novels, and what I learn in the process of completing Hidden Temptation.


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