Welcome to my Author blog page Hidden Temptation. It is the first complete novel I’ve written. I am still editing, editing, and editing.  Yes, I’ve decided to launch it on Amazon. I’ve worked hard to make it  grammar perfect and typo free.  This is the 7th time I’m editing and that’s okay because my goal is to present a well-told story in the best shape possible. So Follow along as I keep you update on my progress.

I will give you background on the beautiful and sexy protagonist Odette Hawkins and the sexy handsome antagonist Wilhelm Poke.  It might have been interesting to make one less attractive looking but we all want to be beautiful so lets read about beautiful people.

Hidden Temptation started as a love story. As I started writing my muse wrote the story she wanted to tell.  My muse gave my characters depth and I thank my muse for taking the lead.

I will seek your opinion on book jackets when I get to that stage.

I would value you input when writing my blurb.

Please stay tuned.  You can alway follow me on my original blog Silently Heard Once where I share my unsolicited thoughts and poems.


Let's discuss writing or whatever. I value your feedback.

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