Waste of Time

Throw that trash out, it’s not good enough!

Shut the hell up inner voice! All you’re trying to do is discourage me. Those words haunt me now and then. Do they haunt you too?

I worked hard on Hidden Temptation and most of the time I am confident it’s good. I believe once I put it out there people will want to read it. I dream about literary agents finding publishing houses that will have bidding wars over representing me. They will wine and dine me at exclusive for the filthy rich kind of restaurants. I dream of being on The New Time #1 best seller list. I dream of having blurbs in The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. Yes, I have huge dreams for Hidden Temptation.  I worked hard, why not?

In addition to those hubris thoughts, I cower in the corner and ask myself, who the hell do you think you are? Hidden Temptation is a pile of wasted time and effort. Only friends and family will buy it. Maybe, they might not be interested in it either. I think those who do write a review will write horrible one. I should just trash the whole thing. Write my poems post them on Silently Heard Once and do my arts and craft. My grandson asked me when I was going to finish crocheting his blanket. That’s what I should do, make my grandkids their handmade blankets.  Give up this novel-writing and stop wasting my time.

Those thoughts pop into my head now and then. A few months ago I saw this cartoon and I said maybe that’s me.



Found on Face Book
Found on Facebook


Some times I have this feeling that something great is in store for me. I wake up and think one day my dream are going to come true. Like I’ve said many times, ‘feelings, they come and go.’

Hidden Temptation is a love story it doesn’t have a profound hidden message. It’s just a fiction novel.  Maybe it is crap but I owe it to myself to put it on the market and let you guys decide. 


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